School Sound & PA System

School Sound System, PA System & Sound Equipment

To help choose the right PA and sound system for your school we like to make a site visit to discuss your requirements and look at the space to design the right PA system for your needs.  We sell a broad range of PA installation products such as wall, pendant and ceiling mounted speakers along with portable sound systems and individual sound equipment such as mics, mixers, amps etc.

Is PA Equipment for Schools the same as Sound System for Schools?

We often get asked this question, simply put PA stands for Public address and is normally referred to as equipment installed for speech reinforcement and background music. A typical school PA system that we often install comprises of pa equipment such as ceiling & wall speakers in corridors, classrooms and offices and speaker horns in sports halls or outdoors. A school PA system will typically utilise 100v line speakers which means numerous speakers can be linked together to provide large areas of coverage over long cable distances and there is no drop in sound quality. This is ideal for larger areas such as foyers, corridors, sports halls etc.

For theatre or live music performances we would recommend the installation of more full-range speakers (considered in design terms of being more a sound system, see examples below). These provide a greater, and more detailed, full-range sound experience that you would expect to hear at a professional concert or live music venue.

School Portable Sound Systems 

These are great if you are unable to install a permanent system due to cost or listed building restrictions or simply wish to be able to use the sound equipment in various locations such as school halls, classrooms or even outdoors for sports events.  We provide portable systems ranging from battery powered single mic systems through to full range, portable sound systems including bass bins with multiple mic inputs for both announcements and performances.

Sound System Installation

Sound systems that are installed in school halls and theatres are often fitted either side of the stage to the walls or mounted to lighting bars or ceiling joists.  It’s important to position the speakers so that as much of the direct sound is aimed at the audience and reduce as much reflection of the walls as possible.  This improves clarity and reduces feedback.  In large spaces one can install additional speakers to improve coverage and provide a more even volume throughout the space.  These are often referred to as delay speakers as the sound coming from them is delayed to ensure it is in sync with the sound coming from the stage speakers.

Examples of some of the manufacturers sound systems we install into Schools & Colleges include.  Martin Audio CDD12, Martin Audio XD15, RCF Art312

Mixers & Mics for Sound Systems

We sell a broad range of analogue and digital mixers that are widely used in schools. Digital mixers have really grown in popularity over the last few years as they allow numerous scenes and settings to be altered and then stored. These mixers can also be linked to iPads and phones so that you can control the mix from these and then wander freely about the space and really gauge the quality of the sound. Radio mics are widely used in school shows and we sell systems by Audio Technica, Shure, Sennheiser. When incorporated into your sound system and then controlled by a digital mixer you are able to fully EQ the sound system. Most digital mixers also have various options of effects built in so that you can add effects such as reverb and delay to vocals, guitars etc to make you shows sound truly professional.

Our Services:

AS well as being specialists installers of Sound & PA Systems for Schools we also provide, on site consultation, design and system programming.

Sound System & Mixer Training:

To help teachers and technicians to fully understand and get the most from their equipment we deliver on-site bespoke live sound system & mixer training. We have worked with schools & colleges such as Eton College, Cheltenham College, Marlborough College, Reigate College, Bromsgrove School, Cambridge University, Plymouth University, Cardiff University and have taught people from all over the country on a broad range of mixers and sound systems.

If you are planning a sound or PA system installation then Call us on: 01453 882256 – 07816 885066 and we can help.