PA & Voice Evacuation System at Vygon Pharmaceutical

Vygon are a large international pharmaceutical company that moved to their new offices and warehouses in Swindon.  The state of the art offices and warehouse required a comprehensive and flexible public address system that would enable easy communication from the reception to all areas of the building including the large warehouses, extensive offices and training rooms.

The previous occupiers of the building had already installed a public address system which we were able to utilize some of the amplifiers and speakers from, however the new office areas still required over 80 ceiling speakers to be installed and then divided in various zones to enable different announcements and volumes to be set.  Vygon also added a new 70,000 Sq ft, 15m high warehouse with floor to ceiling of storage racking filled with stock.  To enable all the workers to hear the announcements throughout this space we had to install 96 high quality speech horns and mount them to the very highest points of the ceiling and fire the sound down the long warehouse isles that the fork lift drivers operated in.  We were not allowed to have any dead spots within the warehouse and when completed this brief was successfully achieved. For the staff working all day in the other smaller warehouses the only source of background music had been a portable music system.  This was totally inadequate as it deafened those near to it and couldn’t be heard further away.  To cover the entire floor we replaced the old, existing voice evacuation horn style speakers with new extended bass range, music play back horns.  These deliver hi-fi music quality at Public Address volumes and are designed for large spaces such as music stadia and warehouses.

Near the reception we installed a Cloud multi-zone paging mic and fed this through a Cloud zoner that then allowed announcements and music sources such as radio, CD & iPod to be routed to different zones within the buildings.  As part of this control we also installed a timed chiming clock that rang out through the warehouse and other areas in the building to inform workers of when break times started and finished.