Church Sound System & PA System

When selecting a sound or PA system, churches often chose column loud speakers as they use small drivers which help deliver a clear vocal sound in reverberant spaces.  This choice of sound system is still very relevant and we sell a broad range from manufacturers such as K Array, RCF, Yamaha, JBL.  Nowadays as more churches incorporate live music into their services, column speakers on their own may not provide a full enough sound.  To add more low end to the church sound system one could install additional bass bins that can be turned off when the system is being used for speech.

Every church sound and PA system is different.

Sometimes installing additional bass bins with the pa system may not be viable either due to cost or the practicalities of locating them.  Another church sound system solution could be to use small, high quality, full range speakers such as the Martin Audio CDD range that comprise of speakers ranging from the small CDD 5 all the way through to the larger CDD 15 enabling churches to choose the model that best suit their needs and volume requirements. 

As a leading sound system & PA manufacturer, Martin Audio are one of several high quality manufacturers that we install into churches & houses of worship. These speakers will provide a fuller sound that can be tailored using equalisation to suit the acoustics of the church.  To get the best results out of your church sound system we always advise using the correct amplifiers and system controllers.  For large churches with live worship bands we have installed line array sound systems such as the Martin Audio Wavefront Precision & Nexo Geo M Series.

church line array sound system

Portable Sound Systems for Churches

For some churches where they may be limited to installing a small speech reinforcement, pa system, an additional portable sound system can provide another solution for church worship bands and musicians.  We offer a large range of different portable, church PA systems that can be easily set up and dismantled when not being used.  There are numerous options to suit budget and power requirements starting with single powered portable speakers through to full range systems with separate bass bins and mid high speakers.  Some of the church PA systems we sell have built in mic and line inputs and so can be used for speech and music playback without the need for a mixer or other equipment.

What Mics should your Church use

When choosing mics for your church there are many options to go for.  For choir micing you can use condenser mics on stands such as the Audio Technica AT8033 or use small mics suspended from the ceiling such as the Shure MX 202.  For lectern mics there are many excellent models from Audio Technica, AKG & Sennheiser.  Many ministers like to be able to walk around and talk at the same time and so radio mics are the obvious choice with lapel and headset options being very popular.  Handheld radio mics are very popular for worship bands and for general congregation interaction as they can be easily passed around.  We are main dealers for all the popular brands of radio mics such as Audio Technica, Sennheiser, Shure, AKG, Beyer.  We have supplied a broad range of different mics to churches up and down the country and can provide you with a range of options to suit your requirements.

Mixing Desks, iPad Control & Live Streaming.

It’s important to have the right mixer to control your sound and these can range from a basic 6 channel, rack or desk top analogue mixer right through to fully programmable digital mixers that can control many channels.  Digital mixers offer greater control of the signal with fully adjustable EQ, effects and processing such as compressors and gates.  Many have the option to enable live recording via USB and can be remotely controlled via an iPad or even a phone.  This remote control is particularly useful when the mixing desk has to be installed in a cupboard or out of sight from the mics as normal control of the mix from this point can be difficult. 

With an iPad the technician has the freedom to control the sound from any position in the church and this enables them to hear exactly what needs to be adjusted.  Popular digital mixers with churches include the Allen & Heath QU16 & 24 along with the SQ6 & SQ7.  These are fully programmable and have multiple outputs that can configured for providing different mixes for various zones with in the church and as monitor mixes for the musicians.  Other popular manufacturers include Soundcraft, Yamaha, QSC.  Nowadays many churches are looking to stream their services and we provide and install all the equipment including cameras, video switchers, cabling and integrate the sound system to provide high quality audio with the video for superb streaming results.  

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