Oakwood Primary School Sound & Lighting Install

Oakwood School was newly built in 2011 and working alongside the main building contractor Kier, we were initially asked to provide an alternative design specification to one they had already received.

Oakwood is a large primary school and within their main school hall they wanted like most schools to be able to use it for both drama and PE.  The original specification recommended ceiling speakers, however as the ceiling was 5m high these would have needed to be very large to provide both the appropriate volume and bass response. This made the specification too expensive and also ceiling speakers are not suitable for drama performances where the voice needs to be projected towards the audience rather than from above.

The school wanted a high quality, sound system to work with a range of music sources including Mics, Lap-Top and CD player and wanted to be able to operate it from various locations within the hall.  The lighting system needed to be easy to operate whilst providing a good variety of lighting angles for school plays and also presentations and evening events.  We were also asked to provide a large motorized screen and projector.

After consultation with the teaching staff and Kier our final system design incorporated a Sanyo 5000 Ansi Lumen Projector mounted close to the ceiling and within a protective cage, projecting on to a 5m wide Motorized Projection Screen.  For the sound system we installed Martin Audio F12+ speakers either side of the stage area and then had the QSC Amp, Soundcraft Mixer, Shure Radio Mics & Denon CD player installed in a portable rack and this could connect to the speakers from two locations with in the hall.  For the lighting we installed 3 Doughty Lighting Bars fitted with Selecon Fresnels & Zoomspots and controlled them with a Zero 88 Lighting desk & Dimmers.  Finally to provide floor to ceiling blackout we installed a Doughty Six Track curtain System along with theatre grade Wool Serge curtains.

The client was very happy with the final installation and because we used high quality manufacturers through out, the quality of the sound lighting exceeded expectation and yet stayed under budget.