Nightclub & Bar

Nightclub Sound System Installation

When designing and installing sound systems for a nightclub or bar it’s essential to keep in mind the ambient noise of the club when it’s full up with people and to allow enough headroom in the sound system design so that the speakers are able to deliver a clear punchy sound without distorting. Ultimately people now expect high levels of sub bass along with clear, crisp mid highs all of which of which is achieved using high quality manufacturers such as Martin Audio, Nexo, QSC & RCF.  If you employing DJ’s then most like to mix using MP3 mixers such as Pioneer & Denon. In loud club environments DJ monitoring is really important and so we can help with booth design and monitor specification and placement.

Nightclubs for Live Music

Many nightclubs like to be able to incorporate live sound as well as having DJ’s and so we can help with designing the stage with tie lines feeding a mix position.  This would allow musicians to be able to connect though to a live mixer that can be used to mix the entire band.  Stage monitors can be easily set up and then removed when the band have finished allowing the stage area to be an extension of the dance floor for when the DJ plays.

Background Music System Installation

Some venues may not use a DJ and instead utilise music playback such as Music Concierge or SoundJack as background music.  These systems will be fed to a main server that then feeds the back sound music sound system.  As part of the design we can install easy sound management control systems so management and bar staff can control the music source and volume though out the venue. We can provide a choice of large and small wall mounted speakers along with pendant and ceiling speakers for cloakrooms, foyers etc.

Bar and Lounge Sound System Installation

For a smaller nightclub, bar or lounge the sound is equally important but smaller more discreet speakers often need to be used along with bass speakers that can be located within furniture. There are many excellent products that we supply to suit all manor of night club spaces and volume requirements.

Getting the best nightclub & bar sound

To get the best club sound it’s important to get good coverage so that the speakers are directing the sound at the people and not bouncing off the walls and ceilings.  This will give greater clarity and enable the venue to manage the noise spillage to neighbouring buildings etc. Being main dealers for Martin Audio, JBL & RCF we are able to demonstrate the quality and power of these systems. If you are looking for a high quality nightclub or bar sound system installation then we can help.

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