Birmingham City Church – (BCC)

With the onset of the Covid lockdown forcing all churches to close, Birmingham City Church decided to press on with updating their in-house sound system so they could start delivering high quality streaming of their services. This would allow their existing congregation to enjoy high quality services each and every week whilst allowing new members from all over the world to watch, listen and join in.

Although the church had a large Yamaha M7CL Digital console to mix the sound for the main church space, they realised that they couldn’t do a separate real time mix of the service for live streaming. As it wasn’t easy to add another Yamaha to their system they decided to go for two newer and higher spec’d Allen & Heath SQ6 Digital mixers. Working with their in-house technician Danny, we installed a new Allen & Heath GX4816 Stagebox where all the instruments connected into directly of via small satellite stage boxes. The Stagebox then split the mix via CAT 5 directly to an SQ6 Mixer for the main front of house sound and also to a ME Hub that powered and fed the mix to 6 individual ME1 personal mixing stations for the musicians to create their own mixes from. These were clamped to the mic stands and delivered outstanding flexibility and clarity and a big improvement to their previous Behringer system. The main front of house desk then linked to another SQ6 mixer located in a separate studio room for real time, live stream mixing. As part of the upgrade we installed new Sennheiser EW500 Radio Mics and along with Speechline Headset Mics. As part of the installation we providing full system training and engineering for the first 4 weeks of going live. The results now speak for themselves with new members listening in every week and the entire worship team commenting on how much the overall sound quality has improved by. A wonderful project and big thanks to all the BCC team for their kindness and hospitality throughout the installation and services.

Danny Easton: BCC sound engineer learning the desk