About Us

My interest in sound and lighting began in my teens when I played and sang in a band and I started buying our own PA & Lighting for us to gig.  In those days it was large, cumbersome PA cabs, heavy Mosfet amps & Par Can lighting.  After a couple of years we built our own studio and recorded our music as well as mixing for other bands and learnt as went along. A few Years past and I grew tired of playing and wanted to explore the technical side more and in 1991 did a degree in sound engineering and acoustics.  

After completing my studies I worked in various roles doing studio, theatre and live sound before joining an events and hire company in early 2000. It was here whilst engineering for a band that I was asked if I could teach them to set up and mix for themselves. It wasn’t long before I was providing training for other bands and Base Sound Engineering Training was formed. With little live sound training available our courses proved very popular and we still teach live sound as well as studio training today.

As well as teaching we were often asked for advice on updating and installing systems.  River Audio was born in 2009 as a specialist sound, lighting & AV integrator providing consultancy, design and installation of audio, video and lighting solutions.  Since then we have worked with clients such as schools, theatres, churches, sports venues, hotels restaurants, offices, industrial and commercial businesses to name but a few.  We have worked with institutions such as NATO, The Armed Forces and even No 10 Downing Street!  

So why use us?

Every install is unique and we focus on the client’s individual requirements.  Being main dealers for a broad range of products we are able to specify the best solution for your budget, environment and needs. 

We are passionate about what we do and always pride ourselves on providing that extra level of service ensuring not only that the equipment is installed and working to it’s full potential but you as a client are happy and confident with using it.  There is no point installing high quality equipment unless you also apply the same attention to detail with all your infrastructure, cables and connectors and we take equal care in ensuring every component in the audio, lighting and video chain is of the highest specification and quality. Now with a team of installation engineers that have a wealth of experience in all areas of sound, video, lighting and streaming we can advise and integrate the latest products and technology.

It’s been wonderful working with so many clients and seeing our completed installs being used and enjoyed.  If you are looking to update your sound, PA, lighting or video system then please contact us and let’s see how we can help.

Howard Williams

Managing Director