Bishops Cleeve School

Installation of 4k Video Projection System, Martin Audio Speakers, Allen & Heath QU Digital Mixer

Bishops Cleeve school was built in the late 60’s and the sound and video system within the main hall was in need of updating. For many years they had added equipment as items failed but the video quality was poor and the sound system did not deliver a clear sound and mics were often feeding back. As part of the update they wanted to have a 4K resolution video projector installed onto a new motorised 5m wide screen along with a new easy to use sound system for daily school presentations and drama performances. The existing system comprising of budget powered speakers, failing radio mics, an old projector and a “mish mash” of different cables taped to surfaces was removed and replaced with a new Epson 7000 lumen laser projector with fibre optic connection for full 4k transmission. The 5m wide Pro Projection screen was mounted from the ceiling at the front of the stage with remote control operation. Connection into the projector was via a Kramer wall panel that then split the audio & video signal through a de-embedder enabling the sound to be routed directly through the new sound system and the video sent via fibre optic to the projector.

For the sound system we installed Martin Audio Blackline X speakers with a pair of the 12’s either side of the stage and then another pair of 10’s installed halfway down the hall to provide an even coverage and excellent clarity though out. For the mixer we supplied an Allen & Heath QU16 linked via CAT 5 to a digital stage box that was installed into the AV rack near the stage. By incorporating this mixer they can also remotely control the sound system via an iPad enabling teachers total flexibly in where they control the sound from and are now tied to mixing from the mixing control booth. This also housed the new Audio Technica radio mics and Powersoft Quattrocanali amplifier. Having updated both the projection and sound equipment the Audio Visual experience is superb and both the staff and the pupils really enjoy using it.