New Sound System at Cotswold Farm Park

The Cotswold Farm Park is a working farm that started many years ago breeding rare breed pigs and cows and over the years has opened it’s doors to the public for demonstrations and teaching and now has many different attractions and provides a fun day our for the whole family.  It is owned by Adam Henson who regularly appears on the TV program, Country File and he also writes in various magazines.  As the number of visitors to the park has increased the old in house PA system that had always been used for background music and presentations was proving to be completely inadequate.

We were contacted to replace the system with one that could deliver a clear and loud enough sound to cope with up to 300 people crammed in a large milking barn over 100 noisy cows and sheep adding their own chorus.  Coupled with the additional noise of the rain beating against the roof made it impossible for the staff to be able get themselves heard.

Our solution was to suspend from the ceiling two Martin Audio Blackiine F12+ speakers powered by a QSC professional amplifier and then provide Shure headworn radio mics for the the staff running the demonstrations.  Also because the barn is often partitioned during various times of the year we used a cloud zoner to enable different volume levels for the mics and background music to be set for each area if required.

The Martin Audio Speakers were chosen not just for their superb sound quality but also their excellent feedback rejection and this has lead to the staff now feeling far move confident when delivering presentations and as a result more are being held.