Churches & Houses of Worship

Churches & Houses of Worship

Installing audio systems into churches and houses or worship presents many different challenges. Often the acoustics are very reverberant, there can be obstacles such as pillars and balconies that   need to be factored in.  On top of this the aesthetics need to be respected and with many churches being listed buildings strict guidelines with location of equipment need to be adhered to.

A professionally designed and installed church PA and sound system will provide clear, intelligible voice communications and music playback to the entire congregation. At the same time it should be discreet and aesthetically pleasing and in keeping with the fabric of the building.

River Audio have installed sound systems into many houses of worship and we offer a range of speakers that can be custom painted to match the aesthetics of the stone or woodwork. Every system varies enormously in complexity ranging from discreet wall mounted speakers and a single mic though to large flown, line array systems, digital mixers, live streaming and multiple channels of radio mics.

As well as installation we provide on-site training and programming so that all members of the audio team can be fully taught to operate and engineer the mixing desk.

Cheltenham College Chapel Sound System